Interesting Musical Web Sites

   Music Theory                                                          

   Note Trainer                                                          

   Key Trainer                                                                   
   Interval Trainer

   Triad Trainer                                                          

   Interval Ear Trainer                                               

   Scale Ear Trainer                                                  

   Chord Ear Trainer                                                 

    National Flute Association                                    
   LA flutists at Yahoo                                               
   This is a site for musical terms, definitions              
   This is a site for making staff paper                      
   This is a online metronome, crank it up!               
    Sir James Galway's web site                               
       towards the end of the Hollywood Bowl segment there is a picture of Jennifer Kennedy and Katie Myres, I think Chris Omae was hiding again!    There is another segment of the   
Pepperdine Master class with lots of pictures of my former student Justin Bahrami playing with Galway, one picture of the side of my head, it's really hard to see who's who in the
audience pictures!!
    Young Musician's Foundation                              
    Musical gifts                                                              
   The best radio and TV program about young musicians
   Walt Disney Concert Hall                                     
    Free Flute Sheet Music and accompaniments    

    Music Minus One