Congratulations go to Emma Salmon, first place winner of the East San Fernando Valley MTAC scholarship and to Katy Myres Honorable Mention. May 2012

Congrats go to Jennifer Kennedy for her acceptance to Mary Karen Clardy's studio at No. Texas U, where she will be attending with a substantial scholarship! Wahoo! BTW, nice senior recital in June!

Congrats to Jennifer Kennedy SCJBF Bach complete works Silver Medalist, and Emma Salmon Bronze Medalist Senior Division. 10-2-11

Congrats to Jennifer Kennedy for being selected for Glendale Youth Orchestra

8 May 2011-- Congrats again to Jennifer Kennedy, Emma Salmon and Katie Myres for being selected winners in the Bach Regional Festival. Now you get to go on to complete works Oct. 2!! A Happy Mother's Day for their Mom's.

April 2011, congrats to the Fab Four (Jennifer Kennedy, Emma Salmon, Katie Myres, and Kristy Hicks)
from CVHS for Superiors at the SCSBOA
Regional Solo Festival,
All getting Superiors and one command performance. Way to go!
5 February 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to all Five students attending Burroughs HS SCSBOA Solo Festival.

Emma Salmon           Superior rating
Kristy Hicks              Superior rating
Karen Macias            Superior rating
Katie Myres              Superior rating
Jennifer Kennedy     Superior rating
3 October 2010
CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Kennedy, silver medalist at the So. California Bach Festival complete works, Senior division and to Katie Myres Bronze medalist in the Junior division. Way to go!! 
24 July 2010
Congrats CeCe Ferrolino on winning a trophy at SYMF against those kids 2 yrs. older!!
Just found out Katie Myres won a trophy too in the Baroque category, to bad she didn't even know it!!
2010   Where are those Seniors going to college next year?
           Catherine Schetina        Scripps
           Christine Byun               Columbia
2 May 2010
      Bach Regional winners:
      Katie Myres and Jennifer Kennedy
27 February 2010 
        Congratulations to my 4 La Crescenta High School flutists, Jennifer Kennedy, Kristy Hicks, Katie Myres, and Emma Salmon, who all earned Superiors today at the SCSBOA Solo Festival. Yipppeee!

 16 Dec. 2009
  Wahoo! Katie Myres made All Southern Symphonic Band!! 
    Congrats Katie!
  14 October 09
  Yippee to Teresa Jiang for making it into the Tournament of Roses Band. Watch for her marching down Colorado Blvd. in the Rose Parade!
  4 October 09 - - Congratulations to Jennifer Kennedy for winning the GOLD MEDAL at the 2009           Bach complete works. This is the final round of this 3 level competition. She will play, as the first place winner, on Oct. 17 at the downtown First Congregational Church, Main Sanctuary 2PM.  Whahoooooo!
 SYMF o9
 2 August 09     Yippe for CeCe, she won first place in her category at SYMF, High Five CeCe!!
 25 July 09     Congrats to Katie Myres and Christine Byun, winners today at SYMF
 Quintet did a great job, next year we just have to break a few bows before hand and get rid of some of those  string quartets! Congrats to all that played today and keep up the great work.
 6/12/09    Congrats to Jennifer Kennedy for being selected as a flute Band
                   Section leader at CV High!! 
5/23/09  Congrats to Jennifer Kennedy, Katie Myres, and Sam Sadeghi for earning a Superior
                 Rating at the SCSBOA Regional Festival.
2009  Where are those Seniors going to college next year?
                DeDe Mann          Duke
                Chris Omae          University of Miami
                Sam Sadeghi        Whitman College
                Grace Suh            UC Santa Barbara
                Katherine Um      UC Irvine
5/3/09   Congrats to Bach Regional Winner
                Junior division Jennifer Kennedy
5/3/09   Congrats to MTAC     E. San Fernando Branch Scholarship winners!
                Division I.   First place to Christine Byun
                Division II. Second place to Emma Salmon
 2/22/09  Christine Byun won FIRST PLACE in the MTAC SFEV VOCE competition.
 2/12/09 Congratulations Chris Omae for being selected as a SOLOIST playing Poem by Charles
                Griffes with the La Canada High School Orchestra on May 1 at Lanterman Auditorium.
 1/22/09 Congratulations to Kristy Hicks and Emma Salmon for selection into the Glendale
                District Middle School Honors Orchestra.